Triple Smart Labs is an Innovation Lab – Network

We assemble and study humanity’s Plan A.  We empower individual contributors to design and test our future, one innovation at a time.

We value efficiency and trial-and-error, which is why our labs are based on shared hardware and shared results.

We believe in making an all-access research platform, innovation lab and think tank for the future, real.  We are starting with node #1 – Cordoba, Argentina in November 2018.

Passion + Shared Hardware + Innovation

What Makes Us Different

  • We Service Individuals – We aim to foster partnerships with companies to enhance human centered design by promoting the needs, and leveraging the creativity of the end-user.  Individuals have a different “why” than companies and governments. We aim to usher in the age of personalization by empowering individuals to join the conversation.
  • We Reduce the Barrier to Experimentation by embedding and rotating expensive hardware within existing communities.  We believe in the power of paring technical expertise with strong “why’s”.
  • We focus on advancing Social Science Research (psychology, economics, music, sociology, history, education, anthropology, etc.) of which we are all human experts.

Triple Smart Labs – A new vision for citizen driven science and creative innovation.
Efficient, collaborative, open research.

Current Experiments