Triple Smart Labs is an Innovation Lab – Network

We are an innovation hub with a new vision for citizen driven science (or in academic speak – human centered design).  In this future, we put the end user, where they belong, in the driver’s seat.  

Find Triple Smart Labs a: 

Triple Smart Labs COR
March 23th – Binaria
Augmented Reality + DJs
7pm to 1am – Bastón del Moro

Triple Smart Labs COR
Friday 5th of April
Universo Virtual – UTN – 9am -6pm
Virtual Universe is a interactive exposition filled with immersive technology.  Using the tech, will enrich our the education and culture of our citizens.  Learn More!

We assemble, sort and analyze humanity’s Plan A.  We then empower individual contributors to design and test drive our future.  We believe in making an all-access research platform, hardware share lab and think tank map for the future, real.  We are started with node #1 – Cordoba, Argentina in November 2018.

Passion + Shared Hardware + Innovation

Triple Smart Labs – A new vision for citizen driven science and creative innovation.
Efficient, collaborative, open research. Welcome to the age of personalization, renaissance thinking and self actualization

Current Experiments