Brain Wearables

Introduction: We wanted to think of a fun experiment that would work well with the low cost brain sensing headband, Muse.  Our goals with this experiment is to:

  1. See how many people we could share a single piece of hardware in one year with – for selfish reasons to highlight beauty of our hardware share concept!  We want to calculate the “price of use” when a piece of high tech hardware is shared. We also want quality interactions with the headset.  Our goal is to share one of the headsets with a minimum of 100 people.
  2. For these people, was it effective as a low-cost virtual meditation coach?
  3. We also decided to try some original research based on the more complex claims of a very controversial quantum fractal physicist, Dan Winter, who is researching phase conjugation, the golden ratio and gravity.  We can’t understand his research, but in initial testing with Muse readouts, when I thought of love, my concentration numbers spiked more than when I was not thinking of love.   The experiment is simple, we test thoughts of love and normal meditation, in 3 minute back to back sessions, alternating, based on 10 double sessions. We also have a heart monitor to play around with as well as Dan Winter’s Flame in Mind app.