Stack Cast

We take on the mysterious paradigm shifts changing the world – in bite sized pieces, together.

This is an experiment in the future of Co-Casting and hive intelligence. We invite you to interview incredible thinkers redefining what is possible. Together we stack the episodes – based on topics such as neuroscience, consciousness or augmented reality.

We know the future will be made up of computers helping us do bits of work and fun together in perfect coordination, but the details are not all that clear and the hurdles abound.

In this ruckus experiment we are taking the simple podcast format and seeing what happens when we try to do it together, in strings, as batons and as single questions. If you are a creator fasciated by the possibilities of the future and have always wanted to have a podcast but didn’t want to commit to a weekly schedule, focus on a single topic, or go through the hurdles of publishing and promoting, come and join the experiment at