What Makes Us Different

  • We Service Individuals – We aim to foster partnerships to enhance human centered design by promoting the needs and leveraging the ethos and creativity of the end-user.  Individuals have a different “why” than companies and governments. We aim to usher in the age of personalization by empowering individuals to cooperate with companies and governments to build the best version of the future possible.
  • We Reduce the Barrier to Experimentation by embedding and rotating expensive hardware within existing communities.  We believe in the power of paring technical expertise with strong “why’s”.
  • We focus on advancing cutting edge Social Science Research (psychology, economics, music, sociology, history, education, anthropology, etc.) because even if we can get an artist to the moon, we still have a long way to go for all people to live passionate lives. We value moving theory into practice.  By moving our good ideas about the future into small scale implementation prototypes we can scale what works.